Catie Anderson
Birth Date:
December 24, 1984
Birth Place:
Willmar, Minnesota, USA
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America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2


Catie Anderson is known as one of contestants in the second season of “America's Next Top Model,” “America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2,”  which premiered on January 13, 2004. She was sent home in Episode 6. She also appeared in “America's Next Top Model' Reunion” (2005) as well as in episodes of the television shows “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Eve” (both 2004).  

Catie, whose life motto is “The harder you work the luckier you get,” described herself as melodramatic, tall and romantic. She mentions “Dumb & Dumber” and “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” her favorite film and favorite TV show, respectively. Her favorite designer is Louie Verdad and her favorite activity is tennis.   

Willmar Girl

Childhood and Family:

 Catie Anderson was born on December 24, 1984, in Willmar, Minnesota. Her parents' names are  Mary and Ted.



Catie Anderson was an electrician before she decided to compete in 2004's “America's Next Top   Model, Cycle 2,” the second season of “America's Next Top Model hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, intents to find the next top fashion model. Originally,  she was one of the early favorites to win the show, but ended up being eliminated in the week “The Girl Whose Lip Puffed Up” because judges felt that she was not emotionally prepared enough to handle the modelling industry. Catie has a fear of heights, which shocked the judges, and was spotted crying in the episode “The Girl Who Needs Six Months Of Modeling School” after an argument with special guest Simon Doonan. At the time Doonan stated that her look was whore-ish, but she argued that he called her a whore, which he did not.

Following her elimination from the show, in August 2004, Catie appeared as Forrester model in an episode of the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Later in September of that year, she appeared in the episode “Self Helpless” of the UPN sitcom “Eve.”

Catie appeared in “America's Next Top Model' Reunion,” which aired on September 21, 2005.


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