Camila Alves
Birth Date:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Birth Place:
May 27, 1982
Camila Alves talks about Matthew McConaughey
Camila Alves, the beautiful wife of Texan hottie Matthew McConaughey, comes across as a very chilled out Mrs in this week's issue of Delux magazine.The 32-year-old tells the magazine that both she and...
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Matthew McConaughey’s other half Camila Alves reveals their children “get to stay up late and watch a movie” regularly.The Dallas Buyers Club star shares sons Levi, five, Livingston, 15 months, and da...
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Matthew McConaughey's Wife Didn't Recognise Him
SP_COP - October 29, 2013 -
Matthew McConaughey's wife didn't recognise him in 'The Dallas Buyers Club'.The 43-year-old actor dramatically lost 50 pounds for his role as an AIDS victim in the new drama and his spouse Camila Alve...
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Camilla Alves Feels She's Been Married Forever
SP_COP - March 13, 2013 -
Camila Alves feels like she's been married to Matthew McConaughey forever.The brunette beauty claims her feelings towards the 'Magic Mike' actor - with who she has Levi, four, Vida, three, and three-m...