Britt Ekland
Birth Date:
October 6, 1942
Birth Place:
Stockholm, Sweden
5' 5" (1.65 m)
Famous for:
Her role as Bond girl Mary Goodnight in 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (1974)
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The Man with the Golden Gun


Swedish actress Britt Ekland is perhaps best recalled for her acclaimed performance in the William Friedkin directed musical comedy “The Night They Raided Minsky's” (1968) and for playing Bond girl Mary Goodnight in “The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974), opposite Roger Moore. In 1967, she was nominated for a Golden Laurel in the category of Female New Face. Recent television audiences may recognize her participating in the series 10 of the British reality show “I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” (2010), where she was fourth to be eliminated. Her biography, “True Britt” (1980), was a best seller.

“The ideal man doesn't exist. A husband is easier to find.” Britt Ekland

Ekland acquired popularity in the 1960s through her marriage to film comedian Peter Sellers.  The marriage, which lasted for four years from 1964 to 1968, produced one child, actress/model/comedienne/jewelry designer Victoria Sellers. In 1975, she was introduced to rock star Rod Stewart by Joan Collins, and she sang French on his smash hit “Tonight's The Night.”  The couple   lived together for over two years. Ekland, who abandoned her career to focus on the relationship, filed a $12.5 million palimony suit when she learned that Stewart was cheating on her. The lawsuit was dismissed by the courts. Following a relationship with Girl frontman and future L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis (together from 1979 to 1981), she had her second marriage to almost two decades younger rocker Slim Jim Phantom, in 1984. The marriage ended in divorced in 1992. Ekland and Phantom have    one son together. She also has an older son, Nikolaj Adler, with former companion Lou Adler.

In 2004, Ekland was diagnosed with osteoporosis after falling at an awards show and fracturing her wrist and ankle. She attributes the disease to yo-yo dieting and a low calcium diet. In addition to  osteoporosis organizations, Ekland has supported Alzheimer's organization the Alzheimer's Disease Association, where she attempts to spread awareness, etc., of this illness.       

Though born in Sweden, Ekland has lived in the United Kingdom for a long period. She is fluent in English, French, and German, in addition to her native Swedish.

Sellers' Ex

Childhood and Family:

Britt-Marie Eklund was born on October 6, 1942, Stockholm, Sweden. Her father was an  eminent retailer in Stockholm, while her mother was film star Mai Britt. She has three younger brothers. Britt attended a drama school before   being involved with a traveling theater group. Her mother passed away in December 2005 after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

On February 19, 1964, Britt was married to British comedian and actor Peter Sellers, who proposed after seeing her photograph in the paper and then meeting in London. They welcomed a daughter, Victoria Sellers, in London on January 20, 1965. Britt sticked around her husband after he suffered a string of heavy heart attacks. The couple divorced on December 18, 1968.

“I would squirm with embarrassment at the demeaning lengths he would go to in order to ingratiate himself with the Royal Family.” Britt Ekland (Peter Sellers)

 In June 1973, Britt gave birth to her second child, son Nikolaj Adler, a product of her relationship with record producer Lou Adler.

On March 20, 1984, Britt married rock musician Slim Jim Phantom, who was 19 years her junior. They had a son, Thomas Jefferson Mcdonnell, in 1988 before divorcing in 1992.

The Night They Raided Minsky's


Britt Ekland made her first screen appearance in “G.I. Blues,” a 1960 Elvis Presley musical movie, followed by a small role in George Marshall's “The Happy Thieves” (1962), opposite Rita Hayworth and Rex Harrison. She worked in two Italian movies (“The Commandant” and “To Bed or Not to Bed”) before gaining fame for her marriage to Peter Sellers. In 1964, she appeared together with her husband in the ABC made for television film “Carol for Another Christmas,”  where they played The Mother and Imperial Me, respectively. The couple went on to collaborate for the written by Neil Simon scripted “After the Fox” (1966) and “The Bobo” (1967), a forgettable adaptation of Burt Cole's 1959 novel, “Olympia,”  before divorcing in 1968.            

Ekland received rave reviews for her portrayal of Rachel Elizabeth Schpitendavel, a  prim Quaker girl who unwittingly invented the striptease, in “The Night They Raided Minsky's” (1968), a musical comedy film directed by William Friedkin and produced by Norman Lear. The film was released just days after the divorce.  

Ekland continued to appear in many motion pictures like “The Conspirators” (1969), “Machine Gun McCain” (1969), “Stiletto” (1969), “The Year of the Cannibals” (1970), “Tintomara” (1970), “Percy” (1971), Mike Hodges' “Get Carter” (1971), where she co-starred with Michael Caine, Ian Hendry and John Osborne, “Endless Night” (1972), “What the Peeper Saw” (1972), “Baxter!” (1973), the cult classic “The Wicker Man” (1973), which was helmed by Robin Hardy, and “The Ultimate Thrill” (1974). The actress was put back on the limelight when  she was cast as Bond girl Mary Goodnight in the Guy Hamilton directed “The Man with the Golden Gun” (1974), starring Roger Moore as 007. The rest of the decade saw Ekland in such films as “A Time for Loving,” “Royal Flash,” “High Velocity,” “Some Like It Cool,” “Slavers” and “King Solomon's Treasure” as well as in television films “Ring of Passion,” “The Great Wallendas” and in episodes of television shows “McCloud,” “Battlestar Galactica” (as Tenna), “Return of the Saint” and “Skeppsredaren.”

1980s saw roles in such feature films as “The Monster Club,” “Satan's Mistress,” “Erotic Images,” “Dr. Yes: Hyannis Affair,”  “Dead Wrong,” “Love Scenes,” “Fraternity Vacation,” a low-budget American sex comedy starring Stephen Geoffreys, “Marbella, un golpe de cinco estrellas,” “Moon in Scorpio,” “Scandal,” which was an adaptation of the 1987 Anthony Summers' book “Honeytrap,” Fred Olen Ray's horror/comedy “Beverly Hills Vamp,” where she starred as Madame Cassandra, and “Cold Heat,” in addition to television films “The Hostage Tower,” “Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls” and “Az aranyifjú.” Ekland also appeared in several episodes of the ABC drama/fantasy series “Fantasy Island” during 1980-83  as well as in two episodes of the ABC sitcom  “The Love Boat” around 1980-1982. She made a one episode appearance in each “Matt Houston” (1982) and “Simon & Simon” (1985).    

In 1990, Ekland played the role of Lara in two episodes of “ The Adventures of Superboy” (1988-1992), starring Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang and Gerard Christopher as Clark Kent, and appeared as Viveca in an episode of “Grand” called “Blow Off.” She returned to the big screen with a memorable turn as Lady Zinnia Wrench in “The Children,” a 1990 British drama starring Ben Kingsley, Kim Novak and Siri Neal. It marked her last feature film project to date. In 1992, Ekland hosted a television series in Sweden called “Bara med Britt.”

After a number of years hiatus, Ekland landed a guest spot in the television adventure series “Lexx” (2002). More recently, she kept her present on the spotlight through self appearances in “Loose Women,” “I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!,” in which she was fourth to be voted off, and “Living the Life,” among other television shows.


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