Bo Derek
Birth Date:
November 20, 1956
Birth Place:
Long Beach, California, USA
5' 3
Famous for:
Her role as Jenny in the Blake Edwards comedy '10' (1979)
actress, producer
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"I'd like to do more comedy. I've been getting decent reviews lately — all for comedy. But I've learned bad reviews usually are more about me, my husband or our relationship than my performance." Bo Derek.

Film actress and model Bo Derek first attracted attention while costarring as Jenny, Dudley Moore’s sexy obsession, in Blake Edwards' comedy 10 (1979, also with Julie Andrews). Known as a screen-sex symbol, Derek’s subsequent films hardly received positive reviews. She became Razzie Awards’ Worst Actress for Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981) and Bolero (1984). She also starred in the Razzie Awards' Worst Picture, Ghosts Can't Do It (1990) and was named Worst Actress of the decade that same year. Other films include Orca: Killer Whale (1977), Hot Chocolate (1992), Tommy Boy (1995), Sunstorm (2001) and Malibu's Most Wanted (2003).

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and 5' 3" tall Bo Derek has 32-22-32 (at age 16 as Mary Collins), 35-23 1/2-35 1/2 (while filming 10), 37C-22-34 (in 1983) 38-22-36 (as reported in 1985) measurements. The Irish, German and Dutch descent actress is the widow of deceased director John Derek and is currently involved with actor John Corbett. She recently branched out into business by launching her own line of dogs’ canine care products.

"Dog, cat and horse care, on the other hand, is "something I believe in." Bo Derek.

Mary Cathleen

Childhood and Family:

On November 20, 1956, Mary Cathleen Collins, who later be popular as Bo Derek, was born in Torrance, California (some mentioned in Long Beach, California). The oldest of four children to parents Paul (boat salesman) and Norma Bass (hairdresser; born in 1935), Bo Derek has two younger sisters: Kelly Collins and Kerry Collins, and one younger brother, Colin Collins. Bo Derek is also the stepdaughter of stuntman Bobby Bass.

Bo Derek graduated from Nathaniel Narbonne High School in Harbor City in 1974. When she was 16 years old, Bo Derek was introduced to actor/director/cinematographer John Derek. In 1974, Bo and John Derek married after he divorced his wife actress Linda Evans. The couple happily married until John Derek died of heart failure on May 22, 1998, at age 71.

Ghosts Can't Do It


A former model, 15-year-old Bo Derek modeled in Hawaii promoting her father’s boat company and once appeared on TV in a deodorant ad. Subsequently, at the backstage of one of Ann-Margret's shows in Las Vegas, Bo met a theatrical agent who signed her a deal. In 1971, she was introduced to actor-director-cinematographer John Derek who has launched such names as Ursula Andress and Linda Evans. Director John Derek then paired 16-year-old Bo Derek with Peter Hooten portraying a young couple who turned a Greek island into a tourist resort in Fantasies (a.k.a. And Once Upon a Love, filmed in 1973, released in 1981).

Michael Anderson's Orca (1977, a.k.a. The Killer Whale, starring Richard Harris) was Bo Derek's feature film debut, in which she played the brief-lived role as the victim of a killer whale. Two years later, moviegoers best remembered her while costarring with Dudley Moore playing his super sexy obsession in writer-director Blake Edwards' romantic comedy 10 (1979, also starring Julie Andrews). In the following year, Bo Derek teamed with Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins in Richard Lang's romantic comedy A Change of Seasons. She also appeared on the NBC special, "Tom Snyder's Celebrity Spotlight" and became Golden Globe’s New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture – Female nomination.

Bo Derek reunited with Richard Harris and joined then-husband director John Derek in his modernized version of the Burroughs classic, Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981, Bo also produced). In the film, Bo Derek starred as Tarzan's (played by Miles O'Keeffe) sexy lover, which unfortunately gave her Razzie Awards’ Worst Actress in 1982. In 1984, then-husband writer-director John Derek again gave her the starring role as Lida MacGillivery in his R-rated movie about the tale of a young woman's sexual awakening and journey in search of her ideal lover, Bolero (a.k.a. Bolero: An Adventure in Ecstasy, Bo also co-produced). The role once again earned her Razzie Awards’ Worst Actress in 1985.

After six years disappearing from the silver screen, Bo Derek returned in another John Derek film project, the disappointing Ghosts Can't Do It (1990, Bo also co-produced). Bo starred as the young lovely wife of an old billionaire (Anthony Quinn) and the film itself became Razzie Awards’ Worst Picture in 1991. Subsequently, she acted opposite Robert Hays playing a sultry Texas tycoon in Josée Dayan's comedy Hot Chocolate (1992) and played a rich man’s mistress and rape victim in write-director Robert Ginty’s Woman of Desire (1993, opposite Jeff Fahey). She also played prime suspect of a brutal murder in the USA Network mystery thriller Shattered Image (1994, alongside Jack Scalia).

In the mid of 1990s, Bo Derek became Chris Farley's beautiful stepmother in Peter Segal's comedy Tommy Boy (1995, also starring David Spade). On the small screen, Bo Derek made her TV series debut in the NBC short-fated adventure series "Wind on Water" (1998, starred as Ciel Connolly) and played a reoccurring role (as Susan Bergen) in the comedy series "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place" in January 2001 and in the long-lived family drama series "7th Heaven" (as Mrs. Kinkirk) in 2003.

Back on the wide screen, Bo Derek starred as teacher Miss Allison James in James Glenn Dudelson's horror film Horror 101 and became Wayne Rogers' wife, acute agoraphobic Katherine Sullivan in Paul Lynch's thriller Frozen with Fear (both in 2000). She also played the lead role of brutal killer Victoria Warren who became the object of revenge in Mike Marvin's sultry action-packed drama Sunstorm (2001, opposite Stacy Keach).

Two years after starring as lawyer Kathryn Garr in Adam Weissman's thriller Life in the Balance (2001), Bo Derek played the mother of Jamie Kennedy's character in John Whitesell's Malibu's Most Wanted (2003). She also had a cameo role in Perry Andelin Blake's family comedy The Master of Disguise (2002, starring Dana Carvey) and in writer-director Kaizad Gustad's Indian thriller drama movie, Boom (2003). In 2004, she costarred with Andrew McCarthy and Michael York in the thriller telemovie Crusader.

"I've never really made a career choice. It came to me. The (entertainment) business kept coming to me — and still does. I'm very fortunate. ... Films are a wonderful way to make a living." Bo Derek.


  • Razzie Awards: Worst Picture, Ghosts Can't Do It, 1991

  • Razzie Awards: Worst Actress of the decade, 1990

  • Razzie Awards: Worst Actress, Bolero, 1985

  • Golden Apple Awards: Sour Apple, 1984

  • Razzie Awards: Worst Actress, Tarzan, The Ape Man, 1982

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