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Billy Joel Adds Hollywood Bowl Dates To 2014 Comeback Plans
SP_COP - December 10, 2013 -
Billy Joel has added two dates at the prestigious Hollywood Bowl to his 2014 comeback plans.The singer/songwriter announced last week (ends06Dec13) that he would be performing at Madison Square Garden...
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Billy Joel Receives Honor From Kennedy Center For Impact On American Culture
SP_COP - December 09, 2013 -
American music icon Billy Joel is being honored on Sunday (Dec 8th) at the John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts in Washington D.C.The 64 year-old is having the award bestowed upon him for th...
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SP_COP - December 03, 2013 -
Billy Joel will perform once a month at Madison Square Garden ó if fans will have him.The icon announced Tuesday that heíll perform a residency at the famed NYC venue once a month for as many months a...
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Christie Brinkley is the ageless Uptown Girl
SP_COP - October 26, 2013 -
She was his Uptown Girl, the song he wrote in her honour in 1983, and he remains her best friend.Since Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel divorced in 1994, he has been her emotional constant and they ad...
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