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September 25, 1962
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Beth Toussaint is an American model and actress. She is known for her roles on the television soap operas “Dallas” (1988-1989, as Tracey Lawton), “Savannah” (1996-1997, as Veronica Koslowski) and “The Young and the Restless” (2006, as Hope Adams Wilson). She also has appeared in several films.

Toussaint has been married to Jack Coleman since 1996. They have one child.     


Childhood and Family:

Beth Janine Toussaint, who would alter be popular as Beth Toussaint or Beth Toussaint Coleman, was born on September 25, 1962, in USA, to parents Leona Toussaint and Maynard Toussaint. She attended Pleasant Hill High School in Pleasant Hill, California, where she was on the track team along with actress Julie Strain. After high school, she went on to Duke University. She is the elder sister of writer David Toussaint.

On June 21, 1996, Beth married actor Jack Coleman from the prime time soap opera “Dynasty.” They welcomed a daughter, Tess Toussaint, in 1999.        



Prior to pursuing a career as an actress, Beth Toussaint worked as a model, and appeared in music videos like Bon Jovi's “She Don't Know Me”(1984), Bob Seger's “Like a Rock” (1986) and SAGA's “Only Time Will Tell” (1987). She made her feature film debut in the horror film “Berserker” (1987) playing Shelly. She then appeared as a Lab Technician in the 1988 film “Dead Heat,” starring Treat Williams.  

Toussaint's big break arrived when she was cast as Tracey Lawton in the prime time television soap opera “Dallas.” She played the role in several episodes of the show during 1988-1989. She went on to land guest spots in various television shows such as “Monsters” (1988), “Growing Pains” (1989), “Booker” (1989), “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1990), “MacGyver” (1990), “Matlock” (1990, 1992), “21 Jump Street” (1991), “Cheers” (1991), “Nightmare Cafe” (1992), “Mann & Machine” (1992), “Melrose Place” (1992), “The Commish” (1993), “Fortune Hunter” (1994), “Babylon 5” (1994) and “Legend” (1995). She also appeared in several TV films, like “Blackmail” (1991), “ The Presence” (1992), “Lady Boss” (1992), “Green Dolphin Beat” (1994), “Breach of Conduct” (1994) and “The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A.” (1995). She starred in the science fiction movie “Project Shadowchaser II” (1994) with Frank Zagarino.        

From 1996 to 1997,  Toussaint played the regular role of Veronica Koslowski in The WB prime time soap opera “Savannah,” produced by Aaron Spelling. After the show ended, she could be seen making guest appearances on “Deadly Games” (1997), “Martial Law” (1998) and “Any Day Now” (1999). She co-starred in the action/thriller film “Hijack” (1999) opposite Jeff Fahey and Ernie Hudson, and starred as Karen Brennick in “Fortress 2” (2000), the sequel to the 1992 film “Fortress.” Her voice could be heard as a female caller in Wes Craven's “Scream 3” (2000). Toussaint had a small role on “Red Eye,” a 2005 crime thriller film directed by Wes Craven and starring Rachel McAdams.

In 2006, Toussaint briefly played the role of Hope Adams Wilson in  the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”


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