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Cara Delevingne Turns Down Dicaprio
SP_COP - May 21, 2013 -
Cara Delevingne has reportedly turned down Leonardo DiCaprio.The 26-year-old model is said to have snubbed the 38-year-old actor at the afterparty for his latest movie 'The Great Gatsby' in Cannes, Fr...
Bar Refaeli - 2016 Photoshoot by Eyal Nevo
underloost - 06/27/16
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Bar Refaeli -                           Parizska Street Magazine No 13 Spring 2016.
aussiejohn - 04/02/16
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Leonardo Dicaprio Might Still Marry
SP_COP - May 02, 2013 -
Leonardo DiCaprio is still open to the idea of getting married.The 'Great Gatsby' star - who has previously dated a string of high profile beauties including Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively...
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Is that ladybird on your nose bugging you, Bar Refaeli?
SP_COP - April 28, 2013 -
BIKINI babe Bar Refaeli looks pretty fly in a photo with a ladybird on her nose.She posted the photo yesterday with the message: "A lady bug landed on my face today.. #GoodLuck."The gorgeous model,...