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Billy Davis Jr. Profile
American musician Billy Davis, Jr. is best known as part of the popular music vocal group The 5th Dimension, along with wife..
Billy Dee Williams Profile
American actor Billy Dee Williams, frequently referred to as “the black Clark Gable,” first gained notice as rea..
Billy Idol Profile
“Rock isn't art, it's the way ordinary people talk.” Billy Idol British import Billy Idol first acquired succes..
Billy Joel Profile
composer, musician, singer, songwriter
Multiple Grammy Award winning American musician, singer and songwriter Billy Joel first came to fame with his second album &..
Billy Preston Profile
American Grammy Award winning rhythm and blues musician, singer and songwriter Billy Preston won a Grammy for the instrument..
Billy Ray Cyrus Profile
Actor, Country Singer
Grammy nominated country singer Billy Ray Cyrus began his music career playing at bars during the 1980s until he was discove..
Billy Warlock Profile
“Life is all attitude. I have come to appreciate every experience that comes my way, and I think I'm in a pretty great place..
Billy Zane Profile
"My parents exposed me to so much of the arts, but I think it was ultimately watching Gene Kelly and Vincente Minnelli's coll..
Bitsie Tulloch Profile
American actress who is of Scottish and Spanish lineage Bitsie Tulloch is probably best known for playing Juliette Silverton..
Bjork Profile
Musician, Actress
"Gling-Gló (1990) was a bigger seller in Iceland than Debut (1993) and all the Sugarcubes' albums put together! That tel..
Blair Brown Profile
Blair Underwood Profile
"It's so easy to sell your soul or sell out or cop out, and what it really comes down to is choices. If you have some..
Blake Clark Profile
“Being in the Army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.” Blake Cla..
Blake Edwards Profile
American director, screenwriter, producer and actor Blake Edwards (1922 to 2010) began his distinguished career in the 1940s..
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