Brian Baumgartner Profile
“Every show is different. It's all been part of a process for me to figure things out. I got cast on ‘The Office..
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Beginning acting around age 17, Brian Benben has sharpened his craft by performing at late 1970s off-off-Broadway productio..
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First noticed in the early 1970s with performances in numerous British television films, Scottish-born actor Brian Cox eventu..
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“I've never been accepted as that conventional artist. Whatever you say about David Lynch or Martin Scorsese, they are..
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“I only make movies that are interesting to me.” Brian Grazer American film and television producer Brian Graz..
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A former professional football player for the New England Patriots (NFL) and professional lacrosse player for the Boston Blaz..
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singer, songwriter, producer
Grammy nominated R&B singer Brian McKnight started out as a church choir member as a child and later was a band leader i..
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Making her first on-screen appearance in 1999 in the pilot episode of NBC’s cult teen dramedy “Freaks and Geeks,” Brianna B..
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“I want to say thank you and bigger and better things are coming out soon. There are more things to come.” Briann..
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American actor and film producer Brian Presley began his acting career in the late 1990s with guest appearances in such TV s..
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American actor and advertising model Brian Van Holt is known for playing roles in such films as “Black Hawk Down&rdquo..