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Logan Lerman Says Percy Jackson 3 'Not Happening'
SP_COP - March 27, 2014 -
Logan Lerman has revealed that a third Percy Jackson movie is not happening.Lerman took on the title role in the two Percy Jackson films that have hit the big screen so far.This franchise - which is b...
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Anthony Hopkins featured in new Noah character poster
SP_COP - February 20, 2014 -
We've had character posters for Russell Crowe (Man of Steel), Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream), Emma Watson (Harry Potter), Douglas Booth (Romeo and Juliet), Ray Winstone (Snow White and the Hu...
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Jennifer Connelly relaxed with Crowe
SP_COP - January 21, 2014 -
Jennifer Connelly has "an easy intimacy" with Russell Crowe.The pair have worked together on numerous projects, most recently Noah - the big budget screen adaptation of the biblical tale.Russell takes...
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