Anthony Hopkins in Instinct
Anthony Hopkins in Instinct
Titles: Instinct
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Starz & BBC Co-Produce 'The Dresser' Starring Anthony Hopkins & Ian McKellen
SP_COP - January 09, 2015 -
Beverly Hills, Calif., January 9, 2015 – Starz, in partnership with the BBC, will produce and air the television adaptation of Ronald Harwood’s classic play “The Dresser,” set against the backdrop of...
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Richard Attenborough Dies at 90
SP_COP - August 24, 2014 -
He appeared in more than 70 films as an actor and directed the Oscar-winning title 'Gandhi'Sir Richard Attenborough, whose 20-year crusade to bring the life of Mahatma Gandhi to the screen culminated...
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Jeffrey Wright And Rodrigo Santoro Head For Westworld
SP_COP - August 07, 2014 -
With Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden already in place, the cast for HBO’s new televised version of the Michael Crichton sci-fi Westworld is beginning to swell beyond those initial...
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