Ana de la Reguera
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Veracruz, Mexico
5' 3''
Famous for:
Her role as Sister Encarnacion in Nacho Libre (2006)
Actress, dancer
Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura
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Nacho Libre


One of the most salient actresses in Mexico Ana de la Reguera, also known as Anabell Gardoqui, was propelled to international stardom at age 29 thanks to her role as stunning nun Sister Encarnacion in the hit comedy “Nacho Libre” (2006), opposite Jack Black. She also costarred with Ana Claudia Talancón in “Ladies Night” (2003), from which they shared two MTV Movie Awards (Mexico). Her other film credits include her debut, “Por la libre/Dust to Dust” (2000), “Secreto de Esperanza, Un” (2002), “Así del precipicio” (2006), “Sultans of the South” (2007) and “Paraiso Travel” (2007). De la Reguera, who has frequently been mistaken for Penélope Cruz, is also a Telenovela star. She picked up the Heraldo award for “Pueblo chico, infierno grande” (1997) and the Palmas de oro award in “Todo por amor” (2000). More recently, she starred in “Gitanas” (2004) and played Lorena Guerra in the HBO Latin American drama “Capadocia” (2008).

Currently, De la Reguera is romantically linked to Jorge Ramos, an anchor at Univision. She dated Austin Ryan Fuentes in 2006.

Veracruz Native

Childhood and Family:

Ana de la Reguera was born Anabell Gardoqui De La Reguera on April 8, 1977, in Veracruz, Mexico. She studied acting at the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura and then with Raúl Quintanilla in the Centro de Formación Actoral de TV Azteca (CEFAC). She also honed her crafts with Patricia Reyes Gondola, Rafael Miranda and Rosa Mara Branching.

Ladies Night


Ana de la Reguera debuted on television as Cecilia on the Spanish soap opera “Lazuli” (1996), made by Televise S.A. de C.V. And directed by Roberto Gomez.

She went on to appear in four episodes of the long-running series “Mugger, capos de la via real” (1997), also produced by Televise S.A. de C.V., but it was her work in “Pueblo chic, inferno grandee” (1997) that brought the beautiful performer notice. As Priscilla, she was handed the Herald award in the category of Best Female Acting. Also in 1997, De la Reguera was seen in “Omnipresence,” a TV series based on a novel by Cari dad Bravo Adams. She, however, did not start a partnership with the production company Argo Producciones until 1998 with the series “Tenaciousness,” in which she was cast as Fernanda Segovia.

De la Reguera reunited with Argos Producciones for “Todo por amor” (2000), a remake of the 1998 interesting soap “Madre, La.” She played the role of Lucía and picked up the Palmas de oro award for her performance. De la Reguera followed it up with a starring role in the drama/romance series “Cara o Cruz” (2002), playing Mariana Medina / Aída. It marked her first telenovela co-produced by Argos Comunicación and Telemundo, which was made solely for the Hispanic viewers living in America. The independent channel CNI later re-broadcast the series in Mexico. In April 2002, De la Reguera began her work in the TV Azteca-produced telenovela “Por tí,” starring as María.

In between work at “Todo por amor” and “Cara o Cruz,” De la Reguera made her feature film acting debut on the 2000 comedy “Por la libre/Dust to Dust,” which went on to become one of the best films in Mexico. Portraying Maria, she costarred with Osvaldo Benavides and Rodrigo Cachero. Her next film outing was in “Secreto de Esperanza, Un/A Beautiful Secret” (2002), an award-winning drama directed and written by Leopoldo Laborde. She was cast as Lety.

2003 saw De la Reguera portray Astrid and Luciana in the TV series “Como Pedro por su casa,” a spin off to “Pedro el escamoso” (2001), and “Luciana y Nicolás,” respectively. The latter series was aired in the USA on January 5, 2004. However, she is probably most known for starring on the Gabriela Tagliavini-directed “Ladies Night” (2003), a romance/comedy about two girls who discover love in the most unforeseen places in modern-day Mexico City. Costarring with Ana Claudia Talancón, she jointly netted two MTV Movie (Mexico) in the categories of Best Turn-On (Mejor Cachondez) and Favorite Actress (Actriz Favorita).

De la Reguera starred as María Salomé on the romance series “Gitanas” (2004), which broadcast on Telemundo in the United States. She next teamed up with director Yibran Assaud on the 2006 comedy “Caco, El” for the Mario Márquez Producciones, and starred as Lucía, an art director for TV commercials who becomes addicted to alcohol and cocaine, in “Así del precipicio” (2006), for director/writer Teresa Suarez.

Still in 2006, De la Reguera was launched to international fame with her lead role opposite Jack Black on the cult favorite “Nacho Libre.” Under the direction of “Napoleon Dynamite” helmer Jared Hess, she played gorgeous nun Sister Encarnación.

De la Reguera was cast in the Alejandro Lozano-helmed action/crime movie “Sultanes del Sur/Sultans of the South” (2007), opposite Jordi Mollà, and Tony Dalton, who also wrote the script. It was followed by a smaller role as Milagros in in the drama “Paraiso Travel” (2007), which won director Simon Brand the Audience Award for Best Film and the Jury Award at the same category at the 2008 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

In March 2008, De la Reguera started her role as Lorena Guerra on the HBO Latin American drama series “Capadocia,” opposite Rebecca Jones.

De la Reguera will have a role in the upcoming thriller “Traspatio, El/Backyard” (2009), directed by Carlos Carrera and scripted by Sabina Berman. Among her costars in the film are Jimmy Smits and Sayed Badreya.

Also an accomplished stage performer, De la Reguera collected two awards from the Mexican Association of Theatre Journalists for her work in the Raúl Quintanilla-directed play “El cartero.”

Apart from acting, De la Reguera works as a model and is an excellent professional dancer. She is the spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics.


  • MTV Movie (Mexico): Best Turn-On (Mejor Cachondez), “Ladies' Night,” 2004

  • MTV Movie (Mexico): Favorite Actress (Actriz Favorita), “Ladies' Night,” 2004

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