Amber Tamblyn
Birth Date:
May 14, 1983
Birth Place:
Santa Monica, California, USA
5' 7
Famous for:
Her title role in Joan of Arcadia (2003)
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Joan of Arcadia


"Wrinkles, soft faces, older faces are signs of wisdom, which is the greatest sign of beauty." Amber Tamblyn

Young TV actress Amber Tamblyn received wide recognition for portraying the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated role of Joan Girardi on the CBS teen series Joan of Arcadia (2003). The rising TV star first came to the limelight while playing the young daughter of a mother who is dying of breast cancer, Emily Bowen Quartermaine (1995-2001), in the hit drama soap General Hospital, which handed her two consecutive Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series. She has also appeared on big screen in films like Rebellious, Live Nude Girls (both in 1995), Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard (1996) and the thriller The Ring (2002).

More recent, the 5' 7" tall actress teamed with Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, and America Ferrera in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), the film version of a novel by Ann Brashares. Tamblyn is also known as a prolific poet and has self-published two chapbooks of poetry: Of the Dawn and Plenty of Ships. She reportedly will release her first book, Free Stallion: Poems, in October 2005.

Free Stallion

Childhood and Family:

"I haven't had a lot of celebrities around me growing up. My father comes from a generation of film that actors my age don't even know about, which is really sad, really sad. So there are very few people that know what Hit the Deck are and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. You'd be surprised. West Side Story, yeah, that's universal." Amber Tamblyn

Daughter of veteran actor Russ Tamblyn (born on December 30, 1934, seen in such classics as West Side Story, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Tom Thumb) and singer/artist Bonnie Tamblyn, Amber Rose Tamblyn was born on May 14, 1983, in Santa Monica, California. Her grandfather is deceased actor Eddie Tamblyn (born on January 5, 1907; died on June 22, 1957) and her godfather is actor Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap).

Raised in a family living with show business, Amber had been driven toward an entertainment career since childhood. She went to an elementary school for the arts in Southern California, SMASH, and performed in numerous plays between kindergarten and eighth grade. A fan of folk singer Ani DiFranco and Avril Lavigne, Amber currently loves to spend her off time singing, dancing, and writing poetry.

General Hospital


At the tender age of 10, while starring as unmanageable Pippi Longstocking at the Santa Monica Alternative School House, a family friend and agent named Sharon Debord encouraged Amber's father to take her to auditions. A year later, Amber was cast in the independent film Biker Poet and she followed it up with small parts in the 1995 films Live Nude Girls (starring Dana Delany) and Rebellious.

"I started General Hospital when I was 11 years old and I was on there for seven years. But I went to a school for theater before that for nine years. It's been in my genes for a while but my parents are so cool. Probably the biggest celebrities for me even remembering are Kyle MacLachlan and David Lynch because my dad was doing Twin Peaks when I was younger, so it's things like that. Other people like Neil Young and Dennis Hopper; those are just really close-knit family friends. So it's never like there's just random celebrities hanging out at the house that I know so I'm all hooked up through that. My parents cultured me a lot and they introduced me to a lot of artists, a lot of their friends. I actually often freak out that one day I won't have the same cool stuff to give my kids, like my parents have given me. It's something I think about all the time." Amber Tamblyn

Tamblyn nabbed her first breakout role in the winter of 1994. She portrayed the young daughter of a mother who is dying of breast cancer and Anna Lee's adopted granddaughter, Emily Bowen Quartermaine, on the ABC's daytime drama "General Hospital." She originally was cast for the role only for a short term, but it became a significant character and Tamblyn portrayed it for the next seven years (1995-2001). Her bright performance as Emily received rave reviews and gave her two consecutive Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series. However, Tamblyn decided to drop her role in the series in the spring of 2001 and was replaced by Natalia Livingston.

While working in the series, Tamblyn was also seen on motion pictures. She appeared with father Russ Tamblyn in the fantasy adventure film Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard (1996). She also won a starring role on the WB's pilot "No Ordinary Girl," written by Bob Brush and was spotted as a guest on such shows as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Boston Public," "CSI: Miami," "Without a Trace" and WB's "Prep," as well as in Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd. Additionally, she starred in Vim Venders' short film, Twilight Zone, for the Premiere episode and appeared in Gore Verbinski's hit thriller movie, The Ring (2002), in which she played doomed girl Katie Embry.

The portrayal of Joan Girardi in the CBS's hit teen drama Joan of Arcadia (2003) helped Tamblyn catapult her name toward the spotlight. Her impressive acting as a problematic young girl who talked to God brought her both Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for Best Actress in a Drama. On Joan of Arcadia's fans, Tamblyn said, "I had someone come up to me who was like, 6'2", had his septum pierced, had a tattoo on his shaved head, had sleeve tattoos [and] a really deep voice, and he told me he and his mother watch the show. All the time."

More recent, Tamblyn won her first major part in a movie as Tibby, a clever, creative and angry young woman who has a summer job near her home and makes a documentary that mocks the people in her hometown, in Warner Brothers' newly released film, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In the film, adopted from the best selling book by Ann Brashares, Tamblyn costars with Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, and America Ferrera. Commenting on working with the actors, Tamblyn revealed, "You name it, we did it. We were inseparable. Like, whenever we did our scenes together, we had sleepovers at America's [Ferrera] and just everything, like we went out to dinner with each other. I'd go jogging with America in the morning, we'd work out together, we'd go hiking together; we'd eat dinner, breakfast, lunch together. Go see movies. I'd go dancing with Alexis [Bledel] till like five a.m. There was a really awesome club up there."


  • Saturn Award: Best Actress on TV, 2004
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