Alison Eastwood
Birth Date:
May 22, 1972
Birth Place:
Carmel, California, USA
5' 8
Famous for:
Her role in 'Tightrope' (1984)
Actress, Model
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“I've never really tried to prove myself. I just try and do the best that I can. I don't think I am like a great actress. I think I am working towards trying to be better.” Alison Eastwood

Actress Alison Eastwood, daughter of Academy Award winning director/producer/actor Clint Eastwood, first came to the attention of the public in Richard Tuggle's “Tightrope” (1984), where she played Clint's onscreen daughter Amanda. She received a Young Artist nomination for her performance. After a long hiatus, during which time she pursued a career as a model, Eastwood re-launched her acting career in 1997 with roles in “Absolute Power” and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” (both directed by her father). Subsequent film credits include Alan Rudolph's “Breakfast of Champions” (1999), David Snedeker's “If You Only Knew” (2000), Mars Callahan's “Poolhall Junkies” (2002), Will Dixon's “I'll Be Seeing You” (2004), Michelle Danner's “How to Go Out on a Date in Queens” (2006) and David Siqueiros' “One Long Night” (2007). Eastwood also worked behind the camera as a director for “Rails & Ties” (2007) and as an associate producer for “Don't Tell” (2005).

In addition to strutting down the catwalks for world class designers, Eastwood has also appeared in many publications such as American “Vogue,” Italian “Elle” and “Tatler.” In 2003, she posed naked in the February issue of “Playboy.” She also has her own clothing line called Eastwood Ranch.

Eastwood is divorced from husband Kirk Fox (together from March 1999 to January 2000). She dated actor John Cusack in 1997. She also dated and was briefly engaged to Chad McQueen, the son of the late Steve McQueen.

Clint's Rebellious Daughter

Childhood and Friends:

Alison Eastwood was born on May 22, 1972, in Carmel, California. She is the daughter of screen legend Clint Eastwood and swimsuit model Maggie Johnson and the younger sister of actor/musician Kyle Eastwood (born May 19, 1968). Her parents divorced in May 14, 1984, when she was twelve years old. Alison was educated at the Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California, and Stevenson School in Pebble Beach. At age 18, she relocated to Santa Barbara to attend the University of California, where she majored in acting.

A product of a broken home, Alison became rebellious as a teenager. When she was 19 years old, she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and had to pay a fine and received three year’s probation. By age 20, she had kicked her addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Alison married actor Kirk Fox on March 14, 1999. The couple divorced on January 28, 2000. Alison has five half siblings from his dad's relationships with four different women. They are Kimber Eastwood (born in 1964; mother is Roxanne Tunis), Scott Eastwood (born March 21, 1986; mother is Jacelyn Reeves), Kathryn Eastwood (born on February 2, 1988; mother is Jacelyn Reeves), Francesca Ruth Eastwood (born in 1993; mother is Frances Fisher) and Morgan Eastwood (born in 1996; mother is Dina Ruiz).

Rails & Ties


The daughter of legendary Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood had her first taste in front of the camera at age 8 when she appeared in a bit part in 1980's “Bronco Billy,” a western movie directed by and starring her father. She moved on to have a lead role with her dad in the suspense thriller “Tightrope” (1984), where she was nominated for a 1985 Young Artist Award in the category of Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama for her portrayal of Amanda. After this, young Eastwood disappeared from the screen and by the time she was 21, had emerged as a successful model.

Eastwood resumed her acting career in 1997 with a small role as an art student in “Absolute Power,” which was directed by and starred her father. Later that same year, her father cast her with John Cusack, Kevin Spacey and Jude Law in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” a dramatic film adapted from John Berendt's book of the same name. In the movie, she played Mandy Nicholls, the love interest of reporter John Kelso (played by Cusack).

The next year, Eastwood received the role of Amanda in the independent film “Suicide, the Comedy,” which was directed by Glen Freyer. Costars of the film included Jamie Harris, Chad Lowe and Phil LaMarr. She then worked with director Rick Rosenthal and actors Rachel Hunter and Lauren Hutton in the romantic comedy “Just a Little Harmless Sex,” which premiered at the 1998 Los Angeles International Film Festival in October 1998 before receiving a limited theatrical release in June 1999. She was then directed by George Haas and worked with actor Stephen Baldwin in the drama “Friends & Lovers” and director/writer Yuri Zeltser on the mystery film “Black and White” (both 1999). Also in 1999, Eastwood was cast as Maria in “Breakfast of Champions,” a comedy directed and adapted by Alan Rudolph from the novel of the same name by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The film starred Bruce Willis, Albert Finney and Nick Nolte.

Entering the new millennium, Eastwood made her television film debut in “The Spring” (2000), in which she costarred with Kyle MacLachlan. The NBC movie was directed by David Jackson and based on the novel of the same name by Clifford Irving. She subsequently returned to the big screen with a small role in the romantic comedy “If You Only Knew” (2000), which was written by Gary Goldstein and directed by David Snedeker.

2002 saw Eastwood cast alongside Lee Majors and Barry Corbin in “Waitin' to Live,” a comedy film directed by Joey Travolta, the older brother of actor John Travolta. She then portrayed Gabriella in the independent thriller “Power Play,” directed by Joseph Zito, and starred as Sue Morris in the short film “The Bend.” However, it was her portrayal of Tara in the CineVegas International Film Festival premiered “Poolhall Junkies” (also 2002) that brought her attention from audiences. The thriller film was written, directed and starred in by Mars Callahan. Eastwood gained even more attention the next year when she posed nude for the February issue of “Playboy.”

Back to the small screen, Eastwood starred as Patricia Collins in “I'll Be Seeing You,” a TV film adaptation of Mary Higgins Clark's novel that was directed by Will Dixon. She then portrayed Finley in the television movie “They Are Among Us” (2004) and costarred in the 2005 short “Flatbush,” for director A. Karim Karmi. She also starred as Billie in the movie “The Lost Angel” (2005) and made her debut behind the camera as an associate producer for “Don't Tell” (2005), in which she also played the role of Rachel.

Eastwood next starred as Karen Max in the television film “Lesser Evil,” opposite Nels Lennarson, Thea Gill, Artine Brown, Marc Singer and Colin Cunningham. Later that same year, she delivered a memorable portrayal as Karen in the comedy film “How to Go Out on a Date in Queens,” which was directed by Michelle Danner and adapted by Richard Vetere from his own play. The cast of the film also included Jason Alexander, Michelle Danner, Christine Dunford and Ruth Barrie. In 2007, she made her directorial debut with “Rails & Ties,” a drama starring Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden and written by Micky Levy. The film was screened at several film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival, before earning a limited theatrical release in the United States in October 2007. The same year, she also played Wendy in David Siqueiros' thriller “One Long Night.”

Eastwood will portray Kat in “Once Fallen” (2009), a crime film written, directed and starring Ash Adams. The film's cast also includes Brian Presley, Taraji P. Henson, Ed Harris, Peter Weller and Amy Madigan.


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