Adrien Brody in The Singing Detective - 2003
Adrien Brody in The Singing Detective - 2003
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'Houdini' shackled to a leaden script
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‘Biopic” is not a particularly inviting portmanteau. And the biopic isn’t a particularly inviting genre. Most biographical movies and miniseries wind up as waxen re-creations of the best-known moments...
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Adrien Brody for Lacoste Summer 2012
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Adrien Brody Wallpaper on King Kong
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Wes Anderson Achieves Greatest Work With 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'- Bringing Comedy Magic To Big-Screen
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Wes Anderson may have delivered cinemagoers his finest film to date as his highly anticipated comedy 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is set to hilariously arrive in theatres around the globe in a matter of...
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Selena Gomez's Spring Breakers Wins Box-Office Battle of Ex-Disney Girls Over Lindsay Lohan's InAPPropriate Comedy
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It was a tale of two-plus Disney alums at the weekend box office.On one end of the spectrum was Spring Breakers, the very R-rated comedy starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, which crashed the To...