Adriana Fonseca
Birth Date:
March 16, 1979
Birth Place:
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
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Sister Lucía


Mexican actress Adriana Fonseca is perhaps most popular for playing Rosalinda's little sister, Lucia, in the huge hit soap opera “Rosalinda” (1999), starring Thalia. Other soap operas she has acted in include “Gotita De Amor” (1998), “Amigos X Siempre” (2000), “Mujer Bonita” (2001), “Atrévete a Olvidarme” (2001), “Mariana de la Noche” (2003), “Contra Viento y Marea” (2005), “Bajo Las Riendas del Amor” (2007) and “Mujeres asesinas” (2009). She also has starred in the movies “La tregua” (2003) and “7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos” (2004). Fonseca began her acting career by performing in a local television show and won the award in the competition “El rostro de El Heraldo de México” before achieving major exposure in “Rosalinda.”


Childhood and Family:

Adriana Fonseca Castellanos was born on March 16, 1979, in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico, to dentists Hugo Fonseca and Guillermina Castellanos. She has two younger siblings named Hugo and Jacqueline. She began her three year study at C.E.A (Centro de Education Artistica) in Mexico at age 16. She attended classes of Classical Ballet for a number of years and had taken part in local productions of “Cinderella” and “Swan Lake.”

La tregua


Adriana Fonseca started acting in telenovela when she landed a special role in “Pueblo chico, infierno grande” in 1997. She played Jovita. The next year, she took the role of Verónica Soriano in “La Usurpadora,” which starred Gabriela Spanic and Fernando Colugna, as well as playing Vanessa and Paulina in “Preciosa” and “Gotita De Amor,” respectively.

The winner of 1998's El Rostro del Heraldo received a big breakthrough when she was cast as Lucía Pérez Romero, the younger sister of Rosalinda in the popular soap opera “Rosalinda,” starring Thalia as Rosalinda Pérez Romero and Fernando Carrillo as Fernando José Altamirano del Castillo. After the high profile role, she was cast as the main heroine Melissa Escobar in “Amigos X Siempre” (2000) although she later was replaced.

Fonseca's rising profile was confirmed in 2001 when she was tapped to essay main heroine in the TV series “Atrévete a Olvidarme” and the TV mini series “Mujer Bonita.” She played Andrea Rosales (La Guapa) and Charito, respectively. Two years later, Foncesa made her big screen debut in “La tregua/The Truce,” a drama film adapted from the novel of the same name by Mario Benedetti, who also wrote the script, and directed by Alfonso Rosas Priego hijo. She starred as Laura Avellaneda, opposite Gonzalo Vega as Martin Santome and Rodrigo Vidal as Jaime Santome. She next appeared in the direct to video “Por mujeres como tu,” for director Christian González, and played Camila in Rene Bueno's “7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos” (both 2004).

Fonseca managed to pursue her TV career by having the villainous role of Caridad 'Chachi' Montenegro in “Mariana de la Noche” (2003-2004), starring Alejandra Barros as Mariana. She next played the co-protaginist role of Sandra Serrano Rudell in the soap “Contra Viento y Marea” (2005), opposite Marlene Favela, Sebastián Rulli and Ernesto D'Alessio, and the main heroine Montserrat Linares in “Bajo Las Riendas del Amor” (2007). More recently, she was cast as Cecilia in the telenovela “Mujeres asesinas” (2009), which starred Rosa María Bianchi.


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