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Alex Burns Profile
Alex Burns is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles on the films “Van Wilder” (2002)..
Alex Etel Profile
“It’s not a 13 year old’s normal job. My family thinks it’s weird.” Alex Etel (on being a chil..
Alexie Gilmore Profile
“There's a lot of shows that are really good out there now, I feel like the writing is getting better.” Alexie G..
Alexis Arquette Profile
"I enjoy being a character actor. I enjoy being different in everything. I want a private life. I want to be able to go..
Alexis Bledel Profile
Actress, Model
Alexis Bledel rose to prominence playing Rory Gilmore, the daughter of single parent Lorelai Gilmore (played by Lauren Graha..
Alexis Denisof Profile
“I mean, I was a kid. I still kind of thought maybe I'd be a professional soccer player or a fireman or an astronaut,..
Alexis Dziena Profile
First appearing on television as a guest in a 2002 episode of “Witchblade,” Alexis Dziena is probably best recog..
Alexis Llewellyn Profile
Alexis Llewellyn is a Canadian young actress. She has appeared in the films “The Chronicles of Riddick” (2004),..
Alex Kingston Profile
"I didn't have any qualms. I'm used to taking my clothes off in front of strangers. I've done it since I was 14 with my..
Alex Nesic Profile
Actor Alex Nesic, born in America, raised in France, portrayed Christian Aumont in season one of the Emmy Award winning seri..
Alex Neuberger Profile
Teen actor Alex Neuberger has received Young Artist Award nominations for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young..
Alex Pettyfer Profile
“He's an action hero and he'll go through the whole action thing, but he'll be in constant danger and he'll have weakn..
Alex Polizzi Profile
TV Presenter, Hotelier
Alex Polizzi is a British hotelier, and the current presenter of British TV series “The Hotel Inspector” on Chan..
Alex Proyas Profile
Making his debut as director, writer and producer in the small budget science fiction thriller “Spirits of the Air, Gr..
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